“Brazilian snack takes over Eau Claire in despites the pandemic crisis!”


Three bags of Montebelo brazilian cheese bread


               Montebelo Cheese Bread started its activity in March of 2020 in Eau Claire, WI, right when the pandemic was starting to hit the US. However, a few months later, the Pereira family was already selling its gluten-free product in the region’s main grocery stores, including big chains like Woodman’s, hard work, and much love. 

               The company produces a frozen ready-to-bake version of the Brazilian style gluten-free cheese bread, or in Portuguese words “Pão de Queijo” (pronounces pow-ge-kay-ju). The Brazilian style cheese bread counts with the cassava starch (tapioca flour) as its main ingredient, making the product naturally gluten-free. It takes 15 to 24 minutes to bake. The Montebelo version of this exotic snack comes in a luxurious golden 12 oz bag containing 13 to 15 rolls approximately. It’s a little bit bigger than a bite-size roll and can serve two really well. 

               This type of Brazilian snack is getting popular in the US due to the current vast demand forbetter-for-you products. And this is the path that the company is pursuing—producing quality products, from traditional and cultural recipes that are healthy, yet convenient to American consumers. This is the future that the company envisions.

               Although it looks promising, the path has been quite challenging. Launching a new product during a world crisis is never the right way to start. Groceries stores reduce the number of new products that come into the back of their facilities and focus the inventory on essential and first necessity consumable goods. Starting a company is already challenging, and with so many obstacles, it can be even harder. Despite these facts, the Montebelo crew managed to bring a market-ready product and get the license approval to produce and scale to 12 points of sale in just five months. Check here the locations on where to find Montebelo products.


Pereira Family Founders of Montebelo


“Back when we started our activities, we weren’t aware of how badly the scenario was for a new business to start in the middle of a pandemic world. We had just started to do some home tests to study how to implement our product and develop the best version of a traditional cheese bread recipe, something that it’s been in our family tradition for generations. Knowing how the market for healthy, gluten-free products has grown for the last few years in the US, we thought that this was the perfect time to bring our secret recipe to the market, although we didn’t count on a world crisis (laugh).”

– Tanara Pereira, Owner, and Geraldo and Miriam’s daughter. 


               The gluten-free community has grown fast, and the projections of the market for this kind of product is promising. 


“Reviews and positive feedback from our customers have been the key to keep up the feeling that we are on the right path and consolidate our thoughts that the company can achieve something food to make a positive impact in Americans homes.”

– Miriam Pereira, the mother of the Pereira’s family. The one with the secret recipe.


Montebelo Cheese Bread Reviews

               On the web, the feedback has been indeed positive for Montebelo Cheese Bread: 

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Facebook review by Molli Davey
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Facebook review by Zina Obaid

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Facebook review by Anne Marie  


Future of Montebelo Cheese Bread

               Montebelo Cheese Bread now prepares to grow its market. It is aiming at bigger markets such as Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Madison, and Milwaukee. For this, the company counts on its partnership with big chains such as Festival Foods and Woodman’s.