About Montebelo


Our mission is to provide delicious and innovative foods that are healthy yet convenient. A homemade taste and best quality ingredients are the core of our products and mission. Pão de Queijo is part of our Brazilian culture. We want to share the joy that this tradition has brought our family from many generations. 


Montebelo is a family-owned company formed by Geraldo & Miriam Pereira and their children. Pão de Queijo has been a favorite family snack for many generations and also a tradition since both, Geraldo and Miriam, were born and raised in Minas Gerais, place of the origin of those delicious cheese bread. After immigrating to the US in 2019, the Pereira family wanted to share with others this delicious family tradition, which led them into the business. It’s a good thing that Wisconsin is known for its amazing cheese because it’s now the Pereira’s new home! 


– Tradition

– Quality


– Innovation

– Convenience

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