Pão de queijo (pronounced pow-ge-kay-ju) is a traditional cheese bread snack from Brazil. Made from a mix of cassava starch (tapioca flour), parmesan cheese, vegetable oil, milk, and salt. It’s a perfect side for breakfast and coffee-break.

Made from tapioca flour (aka. tapioca starch or cassava flour). It’s made from the starch extracted from the cassava plant’s root, which is native to South America. Tapioca flour is commonly found in gluten-free mixes and flour blend. 

It’s very natural that at most Brazilian gatherings you’ll find pão de queijo as a dinner side or snack for guests. These golden cheese buns with a crunchy crust, a light, fluffy center, and are cheesy without being heavy. They have a really unique texture that is light and chilly at the same time and full of melted cheese. A perfect combination that you will love at every bite. Best of everything, they are naturally gluten-free!


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OUr roots

Pão de Queijo originated in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Minas Gerais is a beautiful area surrounded by infinite green mountains and a large number of springs, streams, rivers, and waterfalls. Its natural beauty is breathtaking and truly worth visiting!

Food in Minas Gerais is an attraction simply by itself. Brazil was largely colonized by the Portuguese. As they arrived they brought with them a cuisine full of elaborate flavors including bread and pastries. From the culinary traditions of local indigenous groups come the use of specific plants and spices, as well as cassava roots, a plant, that is high in carbohydrates and energy and that is used in various ways, such as for tapioca flour, one of the main ingredients found in our authentic Pão de Queijo recipe. Minas Gerais is also known for its fresh cheese. So creatively, natives mixed it’s local roots (cassava) with homemade cheese, taking it to the over and finally creating Pão de queijo.


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Pereira Family Founders of Montebelo

A Family Business

With a strong bond on our traditions from Brazil, our family has the same recipe for Brazilian Cheese Bread for many generations. Team play, dedication, and love are at the center of our family business. Our goal is just one: bring the joy of our family’s tradition to your table.

Pereira Couple with production and cooking clothes.

Quality products for affordable prices

Our products are made with non-GMO quality ingredients in clean facilities. All to ensure the best Pão de Queijo and product to your health.

Made in clean facilities, Montebelo is certified under the state of Wisconsin and produces the best pão de queijo with local products. All to make the best experience on every bite you take from our products.